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Welcome to the Capital Area IT Council

The Capital Area IT Council (CAITC) is a non-profit corporate member organization for the Capital regions' information technology industry. Employer led and directed, the Capital Area IT Council is a coalition of industry, education, economic development, and government partners committed to identifying, developing, and implementing real solutions for improving the quantity and quality of IT professionals in the region.

Technology impacts every segment of business in all industries.  What we’ve found by connecting the IT community from many of these industries, is that they share the same struggles and there isn’t a consistent collaborative outlet available for them to come together and work through these issues. That’s why we exist.

Membership in the CAITC puts you in good company: a who's who of tech leaders and pioneers.  CAITC to-date serves 1000+ members from 30 corporate members located in Michigan.  We offer members networking opportunities, facilitate idea sharing, promote job creating, advocate for technology public policy initiatives, and are a resource for all things related to the information technology industry. 

Our Vision

A vibrant and thriving IT industry in the Greater Lansing Region

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for connectivity by uniting, developing, and promoting our IT Community to attract global talent and become a statewide and national leader in tech-based innovation.

IT In The Capital Region

While the Capital region might be better known for its industrial heritage, we've quickly become a leader in the information technology (IT) revolution.  In fact, our state is the country's 4th- largest high-tech employer and a number of local IT companies made the 2009 Inc. 5000 list of the country's fastest growing private companies.  As IT continues to play a viral role across industries, IT companies in Greater Lansing are well positioned to cater to the increasing amount of businesses all around Michigan searching for IT talent.  

IT In The Tri-County Region

More than 300 local IT companies employ roughly 4000 local residents and more than 9000 residents have IT-related jobs. IT jobs can be found in virtually every industry sector including insurance, banking, education, automotive, machinery, food & beverage, plastics, rubber, bioscience, furniture, defense, etc.

Information technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Capital region, having grown 20% between 1998 and 2004–almost 7 times faster than the rate for all jobs. The data suggests that more than 9,000 residents in the Capital Area are employed in IT related jobs. IT companies in the region are enjoying explosive growth, creating the jobs of the 21st century; however the very success of the regional IT community means we must cooperate among ourselves and with our partners to recruit, develop and retain the people needed to sustain future growth. The IT Council is designed to be your vehicle to assure that the region has a coherent, effective champion for IT workforce development.

How We Impact IT

  • Networking opportunities
  • Facilitate idea sharing
  • Promote job creating
  • Advocate for technology public policy
  • Being a resource for all things related to the information technology industry
Capital Area IT Council

Simply stated, we develop, connect, and impact technology innovation in Michigan’s Capital region.

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