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So, About ChatGPT...

  • 25 Apr 2023
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Hybrid event - Zoom and CASE Credit Union (2400 West Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823)


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We are excited to host a combined event with the Women in Technology (WIT) and 21st Century Tech Peer groups, sponsored by RICEFW Technologies!

This will be a timely panel discussion around ChatGPT and the impact it is having on our profession and the world around us. Panelists will share a variety of perspectives, and there will be time for Q&A and breakout group discussions.

We would love for you to join us virtually or in person! Lunch will be provided to those attending in person.


Vijay Vellala, RICEFW Technologies

Vijay Vellala is a seasoned Technical Architect with expertise in P&C Guidewire implementations and a passion for ChatGPT technology. With extensive experience in designing, developing, and implementing Guidewire applications, Vijay has successfully delivered multiple projects in the field. Alongside Guidewire, Vijay is also an enthusiastic proponent of ChatGPT, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to create conversational interfaces that enhance user experiences and streamline business processes. Known for his analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication, Vijay is a collaborative team player who constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to achieve exceptional results in the Guidewire ecosystem and as a ChatGPT enthusiast.

Ravi Yelugula, RICEFW Technologies

Ravi Yelugula is a Cloud Expert and ChatGPT enthusiast. Over the course of a decade, Ravi has honed his expertise in cloud computing, data analytics, and software development. With extensive experience in designing and implementing scalable and efficient cloud solutions, he is well versed in optimizing data storage, processing, and analytics. Ravi is also recognized for his problem-solving abilities and ability to adapt to changing business needs, making him a valuable asset within a dynamic environment.

As a ChatGPT explorer, Ravi is passionate about leveraging the power of language models to discover new applications and possibilities. It is his objective to actively explore the capabilities of ChatGPT, to use its language generation capabilities to create innovative and interactive conversational experiences. Ravi's curiosity and creativity motivate him to explore new ways to apply ChatGPT in a variety of applications, unlocking new possibilities with this cutting-edge technology.

In addition to Ravi Yelugula's extensive experience as a Cloud Expert, he is also a ChatGPT Explorer, whose curiosity makes him both a dynamic and forward-thinking professional who always seeks to innovate and leverage the latest technologies in order to drive business success.

Charlie White, LaFleur Marketing

Charlie White is a Senior Software Developer and Team Lead at LaFleur Marketing. He specializes in collaborating with business leaders and client stakeholders to ensure successful software and technology projects. Charlie is driven by a belief that work should contribute to making the world a better place, and he is guided by values of transparency, valuing relationships, and having fun in the workplace.

Generative AI has captivated Charlie’s life: he has not been as excited about the popularization of a technology since the mainstreaming of the Internet in the mid 1990s. He uses generative AI technology to streamline his work and offer unique services to clients. Charlie's passion for ChatGPT extends beyond his work, as he has integrated the technology into various areas of his life.

At LaFleur Marketing, Charlie and his team are using generative AI to build training models to consume existing marketing content for businesses and learn to communicate in the voice and tone of those businesses. Charlie is excited about a future where organic and artificial creativity collaborate to make the world more humane than we’ve ever imagined possible.

Thank you to our event sponsor!

"I love the peer groups that CAITC has established. I love that I can connect, network, and learn from local IT professionals in my field. I also appreciate connecting with peer groups that I don’t always identify with and learn about opportunities to support and advocate for others. Thank you CAITC for building this community, both in person and virtually!"

Brittni Schumacher
Jackson Enterprise Technology

"As a founding member of the Capital Area IT Council, our small IT firm has benefitted immensely from our continued participation in the CAITC. I have personally benefitted from CAITC-sponsored training programs, such as the IT Project Management course that I attended, which in turn has helped me to better manage clients/projects and generate new business for my company, while also creating new opportunities to grow professionally."

Gideon Francis, MBA, CSM, ITIL, CMMI Associate
Vice President
Global Alliant, Inc.

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