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Cyber Security

Cyber attacks have continued to ravage businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. Businesses and organizations within the Capital region must work diligently to stay on top of cybersecurity trends and best practices, but keeping up requires vast resources when done independently. Although the Capital region is replete with industry leaders in the cybersecurity field, opportunities for sharing this expertise have been limited. For these reasons, the CAITC Cybersecurity Peer group was established to share relevant cybersecurity trends and best practices with Capital region businesses and organizations.


To become a hub for cybersecurity information in the Capital region that empowers Capital region businesses and organizations to excel in cybersecurity.


To share cybersecurity trends and best practices with Capital region businesses and organizations through events that promote the cybersecurity expertise of industry leaders.


  • Establish the CAITC events as a respected, broadly attended cybersecurity offerings within the Capital region.
  • Increase awareness of cybersecurity amongst Capital region businesses and organizations.
  • Foster collaboration between CAITC relating to cybersecurity that extends beyond the scope of the CAITC Cybersecurity Peer group events.


Security is a process, and we must focus on the following values to empower local businesses to continue this process:

  • Continued learning
  • Open collaboration
  • Fostered vigilance


Committee membership is open to representatives from CAITC member businesses/organizations.

Role Definitions

  • Board Liaison - designated board member that provides input and decisions as needed to their committee including the development of annual goals. Works with the committee chair to bring forward any issues/decisions needing board awareness/approval.
  • Chair – responsible for providing leadership and developing annual goals with the committee. Provides a monthly status report at board meetings.
  • Vice Chair – Provides leadership and monthly reporting as needed in the absence of the chair. Escalates to committee chair at the beginning of the next calendar year.
  • Committee member – handles activities for the committee as needed to complete annual goals. This includes committee planning, participating in committee meetings, volunteering for events/activities and recruiting other volunteers as needed from the general membership. Committee members might also lead sub-committees as needed by their committee.

Committee Structure

  • Chair and Vice Chair with the understanding that the Vice Chair rotates to Chair on an annual basis (based on calendar year)
  • There will be a mandatory board liaison for each committee
  • Each committee consists of a minimum of 5 members
    • Board Liaison
    • Chair
    • Vice Chair
    • 2 general members
  • Each committee will need to base the number of committee members (beyond the minimum 5 required) and sub groups on the operational needs and are encouraged to involve members as necessary to achieve operational outcomes.
  • Committees are required to meet at minimum once per quarter. Depending on the committee’s needs and goals, additional meetings will be required as determined by the board liaison and committee chair.
  • Each committee will report to the board of directors at each BOD meeting.
    • Template will be provided for each committee.
  • Each committee will decide where/how to store their materials, notes, reports, etc.
    • The CAITC ED and EL Team will be provided access to these materials at all times.


Meetings will be held at least every-other-month, though more frequent meeting schedules may be necessitated to complete preparations for events and/or other offerings.

Annual Goals

  • Identify and recruit at least two more members (preferably from existing CAITC members.)
  • Assign remaining roles (e.g., Chair, Vice-Chair.)
  • Successfully host first event.
    • Schedule event
    • Find speaker
    • Find sponsor(s)
    • Promote event
    • Manage event
    • Create and use feedback survey
  • Schedule and run remaining events (potential three) for the rest of the year.
  • Strive for consistent repeat attendance.

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